RSS Chem


H.D.A.B . is a chemical that is used to clean and brighten unpainted aluminum without causing any damage.  It is NOT to be used on glass or any painted or delicate surfaces. This works well with both cold and hot water. Remember to always detail clean from the bottom up and rinse from the top Read More

Silver Shine

iO Silver Shine is a cleaner for polished aluminum. This cleaner works exceptionally well at breaking up soil, urine and manure stains from livestock trailers. iO Silver Shine is safe to be used on aluminum, polished aluminum and stainless steel. After it is sprayed on using low pressure from the bottom up, then it must be brushed Read More

Render Kleen

Render Kleen is an All-In-One alkaline cleaner designed to remove a multitude  of difficult-to-remove soils in any facility, plant, equipment and transportation. Remder Kleen works in cold water and hot water and is rinse free at any temperature. For use with a pressure washer. When used with a foamer, a thick foam will be dispensed Read More

PAR Twin Wash – Polished Aluminum Cleaning System

Two Step cleaning system that deep cleans polished aluminum. Beautifully cleans tanks, trim on tractors, trailers, etc.: PAR1 – First stage in the system which is a non-corroding acidic product that sets the magnetic attraction of the soil. It brightens aluminum and pretreats the surface in preparation for the second stage of the wash. PAR2 – The second Read More

The Two Stage – Truck Wash System

A “two-stage” system that has been proven to deep clean trucks and trailers to a magnificent brilliance. RSS1  – The first step is a hydroflouric acid products that sets the magnetic attraction of the soil. It brightens the aluminum and sets the stage for the ultimate cleaning method. RSS2 – Second step is applied to create a Read More

Power Brite-9 Truck Wash & Degreaser

Power Brite-9 is designed to clean the inside and outside of trucks, trailers and other commercial vehicles. It cleans and brightens aluminum and painted surfaces without damage when being used as directed. Designed for heavy duty cleaning such as drive in truck washes.

TNT-8 – Truck & Vehicle Wash

TNT-8 is designed to safely clean polished aluminum and painted surfaces of over-the-road tractors, trailers and other types of commercial vehicles without damage, when used as directed.  TNT-8 is a more economical version of TNT for less demanding applications. This product will remove magnetic road film from trailers without brushing.  It will work well in cold Read More

Wet Wax

WET WAX is a highly refined coating which bonds to painted surfaces to improve gloss.  It will enhance sheeting of water, discourage spotting and speed up drying time.  When used in a regular maintenance program, it will greatly reduce the amount of time required to re-clean the vehicle.  It will trap soil and road film Read More